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More Reasons to Buy a Home

Nov 07, 2022 (0) comment

Thinking about buying a home but just don’t know if it’s right for you? There are a lot of good reasons to consider homeownership....

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Don’t Forget to Fall Back

Nov 05, 2022 (0) comment

Do not forget to set your clock’s back 1 hour tonight. Although time may be falling back, home prices are still moving forward. After...

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Mortgage Tip

Nov 04, 2022 (0) comment

Mortgage Tip, Work with a Real Estate Agent! Partnering with an experienced real estate agent will make your house hunt much smoother and may...

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Use Your Home’s Equity to Get Cash!

Nov 03, 2022 (0) comment

Use your home’s equity to get cash! A cash-out refinance can provide peace of mind and help you prepare for the future. Whether upgrading...

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Need a Mortgage?

Nov 02, 2022 (0) comment

I offer customized mortgage solutions at competitive rates to help you fulfill your dreams of homeownership. Let’s work together! #MortgageLoanAdvisor #Mortgage #Homeowner #Homeownership #Homebuying...

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Mortgage Resources

Nov 01, 2022 (0) comment

Many renters would love to buy a home but get hung up on the “How do I start?”, “Where do I begin”, “I don’t...

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What are you waiting for? Your dream home?

Oct 31, 2022 (0) comment

Your first home doesn’t have to be your forever home. Instead of waiting years for your dream home to become available, you could be...

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No Place Like Home

Oct 28, 2022 (0) comment

There’s no place like home – it’s your home sweet home. From first-time buyers to repeat buyers, I offer loan programs that are sure...

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Buy vs. Rent

Oct 27, 2022 (0) comment

Buy vs. Rent If you’re currently renting but thinking about buying, I can help! These are just a few of the many benefits of...

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What are Closing Costs?

Oct 26, 2022 (0) comment

What Are Closing Costs? Before you get the keys to your new home, you’ll attend your closing appointment to sign paperwork that transfers homeownership...

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