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Don’t Forget!

Sep 26, 2022 (0) comment

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What people often forget when a hurricane is coming.

I’m sure you’ve been running around all day getting water, batteries, canned goods and lets not forget plywood or installing your hurricane shutters.
There just seems to never be enough time. Lines are long and supplies are running low.

Have you considered making a hurricane supply box or bin? All of your flashlights, batteries, radio’s (do those still even exist? lol), a copy of your home insurance policies  and more needed items on the list below in secure, waterproof bin for safe keeping. You’ll never have to go searching for things spread out around the house wondering if they were misplaced or if they even still work.

Don’t forget to test everything days in advance of the storm. Your flashlights, Radio stations to be tuned in and preset, located your candles and don’t forget the lighter. What good is a candle without a lighter, right? Take photos of all the home inside and out, God forbid you need to make an insurance claim. These are just a few touch points to keep in mind that we often forget in the rush of getting prepared at the last minute. Below is a hurricane preparedness guide that includes safety, emergency supply info and a personal care kit lists included so that you are going into a storm with your best foot forward. Also below are some helpful links to Alert systems, safety installations of generators, food safety if the power goes out and more. I hope these are helpful to you and your family.

If you reside in Florida, sign up for free emergency alerts in your Florida County/City:
If you reside in Georgia, some counties use outdoor warning sirens while others may use a telephone notification system. Contact your local EMA director to find out what warning system is used in your area.

* The CDC has a great guide on how to stay safe in the event of a power outage: Power Outages
* Learn how to use a generator safely:
* Should you lose power, check out this food safety guide for when to discard your perishable food:
* The National Hurricane Center has the most up-to-date information on tropical cyclone developments, forecasts and weather alerts, discussions analyzing the data and more.

Stay safe.

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