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Nov 08, 2022 (0) comment

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Safety and updates are on the top of many homeowners’ to-do lists this month. Here are 5 great tips to get your home ready for the season.

  1. Clean your gutters. Those falling autumn leaves can cause big problems for you this winter of you do not get them out of your gutters now. Clogged gutters can cause roof and wall leaks, peeling paint, wood rot and damage to the gutters themselves that can be difficult to repair.
  2. Check Smoke Detectors. This chore only takes a minute and can save lives.  Inspect your smoke detector alarms to make sure they are operating.  If your smoke detector has a power indicator light, make sure that is on.  Then, press the test button to see if the alarm sounds.  Go ahead and put in fresh batteries while you’re up there.  If you don’t already have them, consider installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home, too.
  3. Trim the Trees. Cut back any dead branches, particularly those that are hanging over your house. In stormy, windy, or icy weather, these could fall and potentially cause damage and injury.
  4. Have your Heating & A/C unit checked. In addition to making sure your heating system is ready to perform in cold weather, having it inspected by a qualified contractor can keep it operating efficiently, which can save money on energy bills.  Be sure to change your system’s air filters monthly, or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Check all of your windows for drafts, loose frames and cracks. This could let in cold air in. If you’re in Florida, the warm air may get in, causing your A/C to overwork. Even bugs and animals may try to sneak in to escape the cold, rain or heat.

The things you do now will affect how well your house weathers the winter, and a few preventive measures can save you big money on repairs over time.

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