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Nov 01, 2022 (0) comment

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Many renters would love to buy a home but get hung up on the “How do I start?”, “Where do I begin”, “I don’t think I will qualify”, or “I have too much debt”. Does this sound familiar? My favorite is when someone who is not in the Real Estate or Mortgage industry gives advise although it is not their profession. There are so many myths about homebuying. If Aunt Karen had an experience with her bank and tells you that you won’t get approved for this or they won’t qualify you for that, why do you listen to her? Aunt Karen’s scenario is not your scenario. Everyone’s credit and income are different.

The Mortgage Industry changes frequently. Guidelines are changing, new programs are coming into play, and there are a multitude of opportunities that you could be passing up by letting Aunt Karen discourage you from going after your goals of homeownership.

Use me as a resource for all of your home financing needs.

Presenting Customized Mortgage Solutions with Competitive Rates. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 17 years. Through my career I have perfected all aspects of the process including but not limited to processing, underwriting, and closing of residential loans. I am a performance-driven person. My team and I pride ourselves on transparency and communication throughout the process to all parties involved. We close on time and create raving fans one loan at a time through consistent A Class Customer Service and stress free experiences. Let me create a raving fan of you. Call me today and work with a true professional and my team of professionals dedicated on making the home buying experience an exciting and pleasurable one for everyone.

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