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You Can Now Buy Before You Sell: The Solution to Selling Contingencies

Oct 23, 2023 (0) comment

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One of the most common obstacles in the real estate market is the selling contingency. Homebuyers often find themselves in a tough situation where they want to purchase a new home, but their ability to do so depends on the sale of their current property. In competitive markets, like this one, can mean missing out on great opportunities and settling for less than your ideal home.

Well, I have good news for you. There is a powerful solution at your fingertips that you may not have heard of before. The Bridge Loan.

Bridge loans are financial tools designed specifically to address this dilemma. They work by providing short-term financing, bridging the gap between the purchase of your new home and the sale of your current property. I’ve listing some key benefits of utilizing a bridge loan to achieve your homeownership goals.

* Utilizing a bridge loan can transform your home-buying experience. You can make a strong, non-contingent offer on your dream home, giving you a significant advantage in competitive markets. Sellers are more likely to accept offers without contingencies, increasing your chances of success.

* Bridge loans ensure a smooth transition from your current home to your new one. You won’t have to rush the sale of your old property at a lower price just to meet the timelines.

* No Need to Relocate Twice. Without a bridge loan, you might have to move into temporary housing or rent after selling your home and before buying a new one. Bridge loans eliminate the need for an extra move or post occupancy agreements and expenses.

* We provide flexibility in terms of repayment, ensuring that you can comfortably manage your financial situation during the transition.

As a seasoned Mortgage Loan Advisor with 19 years of experience, I specialize in connecting clients like you with the right financing solutions. I understand the nuances of bridge loans and can guide you through the process, making it as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Let’s Make Your Dream Home a Reality: Take Action Now!

Don’t let a selling contingency hold you back from the home of your dreams. If you’re ready to explore the benefits of bridge loans or have questions about your unique situation, please reach out to me. Your dream home is within reach, and I’m here to make it happen. Let’s connect, and together, we can bridge the gap to your real estate goals.

Presenting Customized Mortgage Solutions with Competitive Rates. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 17 years. Through my career I have perfected all aspects of the process including but not limited to processing, underwriting, and closing of residential loans. I am a performance-driven person. My team and I pride ourselves on transparency and communication throughout the process to all parties involved. We close on time and create raving fans one loan at a time through consistent A Class Customer Service and stress free experiences. Let me create a raving fan of you. Call me today and work with a true professional and my team of professionals dedicated on making the home buying experience an exciting and pleasurable one for everyone.

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